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THNK is a hub of skills and professionalism for marketing and creativity, brought about by the experience of managers and marketing and communication creatives.

THNK is a place where experience and know-how blend to generate systemic thought and creativity.

Sportlink is an association that operates on a national level in the sports sector, to offer public bodies and private subjects a system of innovative services, studies, researches and analyses aimed at meeting various demands, supporting the idea of Sport as a fundamental element for the social and economic growth and development of a country.

The New Welfare Association is committed in the study of new needs determined by economic, political and social transformations. It supplies researches, analyses and proposals, scrutinizing, on both a local and national level, the changes taking place in the business world, that of assistance and health, school and university, protection of the environment and the quality of life.

The Literary Agency “Maestri e Margherite” focuses on debutant writers, offering consulting and intermediary services with publishing houses. In the vast panorama of agencies, “Maestri e Margherite” hopes to become a point of reference, on one hand for writers interested in a critical opinion, on the other for publishers who can turn to the Agency in order to find new texts to publish.